ROB 502: Programming for Robotics
Fall 2022

Dmitry Berenson
Office: 2268 FMCRB
Office Hours: By appointment
Email: dmitryb [at]

Peter Mitrano and Sheng "Johnson" Zhong
Office Hours:
Johnson: Fridays 5:30-6:30pm in 2141 FMCRB
Peter: Thursdays 4-5pm in 2141 FMCRB

We will use Piazza for questions and discussion. Access the class discussion site here.

We will use for homework assignment submission and grading. We will use Canvas for quizzes.

Time: Monday, Wednesday 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Location: 1050 FMCRB

Overview: Graduate level project-based programming and computer science course for Robotics engineers. Topics include data representation, memory concepts, debugging, recursion, search, abstractions, threading, and message passing. The average student will have already written MATLAB programs about 250-500 lines long and will have basic familiarity with C syntax.

Prerequisites: None

Reference Materials:
Syllabus: Please see here.

Tentative Course Schedule: